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Yoanna House487 views3 comments02/11/12 at 20:4112shadesofpurple: The face is beautiful at least.
Camille McDonald1164 viewsPhoto: Howard Huang
For: Smooth
3 comments02/10/12 at 22:4712shadesofpurple: She looks like Paula Abdul in this photo to me. :...
Shandi Sullivan5276 views17 comments02/10/12 at 22:4612shadesofpurple: I think it's adorable, to be honest.
Giselle Samson384 views1 comments02/10/12 at 21:4212shadesofpurple: I don't know why, but she reminds me of Julie...
Ebony Haith1109 views7 comments02/10/12 at 20:5312shadesofpurple: ^^lol I thought it was a boulder too.
Elina Ivanova811 viewsPhoto: Mike Chard
For: C-Heads Magazine
4 comments02/03/12 at 23:0112shadesofpurple: Yay! New Elina work. Very Happy I love these photos.
Hannah Jones817 viewsPhoto: Jenna & Andre Palomino
For: Driven Magazine, January 2012
6 comments02/03/12 at 21:5312shadesofpurple: I don't think NikkySan was saying that was he...
Brandy Rusher956 viewsPhoto: Doss Tidwell4 comments02/03/12 at 18:2812shadesofpurple: ^^I agree. The teeth ruin it.
Kyle Kavanagh2608 views13 comments01/22/12 at 15:3512shadesofpurple: I do think she's pretty, but the difference b...
Kim Stolz969 viewsFor: eLuxury.com1 comments01/22/12 at 13:3712shadesofpurple: Wait a minute, I've seen that dress...doesn&#...
Jayla Rubinelli297 viewsPhoto: Debbi Rotkowitz2 comments01/22/12 at 11:3212shadesofpurple: Yeah, it's cute at first glance, but it'...
Jayla Rubinelli2571 viewsPhoto: Tony Chu100 comments01/20/12 at 22:1912shadesofpurple: ^^^lol
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