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Interests Music, photography, occupational therapy (my major. I'm a sophomore in college and I'm currently working towards my BS and MS degrees), psychology (my minor), creative writing, debating (no, seriously. My friends and I debate all the time), fash
Favourite contestants Allison H., Allison K., Amanda B., Anya, April, Brittany M., Cassie, Catie, Celia, Chantal, Christina, Danielle, Elina, Elyse, Erin, Fatima, Giselle, Jade, Jaslene, Jenah, Jessica, Kahlen, Katarzyna, Kathy, Lisa D., Lisa J., Marjorie, Melrose, Michelle B., Mollie Sue, Natalie, Nicole L., Norelle, Rebecca, Renee, Samantha F., Sandra, Sara R., Sarah H., Teyona.

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05/20/12 at 20:20^^I disagree, I think Louise looks great here.