Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Sandra Nyanchoka1360 views15 comments08/05/09 at 14:0612shadesofpurple: I thought this WAS Kathleen lol
Teyona Anderson3562 viewsPhoto: Don Flood
For: Seventeen, July 2009
20 comments08/05/09 at 14:0212shadesofpurple: The pose is good, but if I saw this in a magazine ...
Teyona Anderson3804 viewsPhoto: Don Flood
For: Seventeen, July 2009
36 comments08/05/09 at 14:0112shadesofpurple: Her face is soooo bad.
Aminat Ayinde2406 viewsFor: Zulu Rose44 comments08/05/09 at 13:5912shadesofpurple: Ugh. I agree with ASKD...although she does have a ...
Jaslene Gonzalez1645 viewsPhoto: Itaysha Jordan61 comments08/04/09 at 21:1012shadesofpurple: Please stop with the eating disorder comments! I&#...
Isis King2465 viewsPhoto: 40 Three Studios15 comments08/04/09 at 20:5712shadesofpurple: I love Isis, but especially after looking at her t...
Isis King3903 views12 comments08/04/09 at 20:4712shadesofpurple: The hands are better here, but her eyes are still ...
Sarah Rhoades1219 views5 comments08/04/09 at 16:0212shadesofpurple: I thought she had quit the industry...does anyone ...
Atalya Slater803 viewsPhoto: Chris Clinton
For: Cosmopolitan Magazine, August 2009
8 comments08/04/09 at 15:5612shadesofpurple: @david: Probably. A lot of the early eliminees are...
Allison Kuehn3794 views11 comments08/04/09 at 15:4112shadesofpurple: Personally, I think this should be rated higher th...
CariDee English2170 viewsPhoto: Johnny Rodriguez
For: Heart on My Sleeve by Aubrey O'Day
12 comments08/04/09 at 15:2112shadesofpurple: Didn't Jaslene do a really similar shoot?
CariDee English1055 viewsFor: Pretty Wicked6 comments08/04/09 at 15:1112shadesofpurple: Oh geez. After looking at lot of her post-show wo...
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