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Last comments - Ford Models
Eva Pigford436 viewsFor: Traci Lynn Jewelry3 comments04/15/10 at 04:43Ford Models: These jewerly are so ugly.
Tatiana Dante1008 viewsPhoto: Gabbeli Photography
For: People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog
10 comments04/15/10 at 04:20Ford Models: ^ Not funny at all. Rude and really ignorant.
Megg Morales656 views7 comments04/15/10 at 04:13Ford Models: ^Me too. That's why I hate it! But LOVE MEGG!
Lisa D'Amato1171 viewsPhoto: Robert Lobetta
For: Salon 52 Weekly
12 comments02/19/10 at 07:00Ford Models: Definitely a print ad
Lisa D'Amato1116 viewsPhoto: Amanda Brooks
For: Jared Gold
6 comments02/19/10 at 06:57Ford Models: She's one of the few girls that has ever booke...
Lisa D'Amato493 views3 comments02/19/10 at 06:14Ford Models: For: "My Name is Lisa"
Kimberly Rydzewski587 viewsPhoto: Adam Brochstein
For: Selah D'or, Spring/Summer 2010
12 comments12/16/09 at 05:19Ford Models: A little stiff in the face for my liking!
Kimberly Rydzewski599 viewsPhoto: Adam Brochstein
For: Selah D'or, Spring/Summer 2010
8 comments12/16/09 at 05:18Ford Models: The knees....
Atalya Slater5923 viewsPhoto: Sarah McColgan37 comments12/11/09 at 20:00Ford Models: I love it, actually. She looks fierce heer.
Aimee Wright1395 viewsPhoto: Leo Lam17 comments11/15/09 at 16:08Ford Models: A lot of weight
Aimee Wright2336 viewsPhoto: Leo Lam37 comments11/15/09 at 15:22Ford Models: She looks like a Recording artist, not a model.
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