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Raina Hein2471 viewsPhoto: Filipe Marques26 comments04/04/10 at 22:42TVKimmy: I certainly see the DR and Analeigh, but there are...
Dominique Reighard3745 viewsPhoto: Reggie B.
For: Jador Magazine
18 comments04/04/10 at 22:37TVKimmy: I am not a big fan of hers, but I think she looks ...
Dominique Reighard2299 viewsPhoto: Ameila Shaw
For: Fashion Q&A, January 2009
17 comments04/04/10 at 22:13TVKimmy: I really like this surprisingly. Its a perfect ex...
Dominique Reighard2874 viewsPhoto: Eric Wagner
For: C Magazine, June 2008
16 comments04/04/10 at 22:10TVKimmy: Her face looks lovely, but I wonder if there wasnt...
Shannon Stewart673 views2 comments04/04/10 at 22:08TVKimmy: Nice to see her doing some edge. Cool
Raina Hein1251 viewsPhoto: Jeff Johnson Photography3 comments03/22/10 at 19:13TVKimmy: Sorry for another Aneleigh comparison, but all I s...
Raina Hein16125 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards313 comments03/22/10 at 19:03TVKimmy: It appears prudent that I stress that this is only...
Ren Vokes5813 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards102 comments03/22/10 at 18:47TVKimmy: I like her and I think she can do better then this...
Ren Vokes7757 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion108 comments03/22/10 at 18:46TVKimmy: Flove it Exclamation
Gabrielle Kniery2436 viewsPhoto: Phantom Toray
For: KAS Couture
20 comments03/22/10 at 18:45TVKimmy: love those legs
Brenda Arens5922 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards94 comments03/22/10 at 18:44TVKimmy: Awful. Her face looks lopsided. Her body looks l...
Brenda Arens7031 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion81 comments03/22/10 at 18:42TVKimmy: I think seeing her long torso and limbs makes it e...
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