Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Nicole Linkletter26836 viewsPhoto: Craig de Cristo111 comments07/26/12 at 13:27lf1234: This is fashion. Period.
Nik Pace9994 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker52 comments07/26/12 at 13:25lf1234: Why wasn't this called first? I love Nicole b...
Analeigh Tipton510 viewsPhoto: Elias Tahan
For: New York Magazine
1 comments07/20/12 at 18:49lf1234: Bridgitte Bardot vibe?
Analeigh Tipton653 viewsPhoto: Dan Monick
For: Posed Magazine
5 comments07/20/12 at 18:48lf1234: She's a better model than most people (especi...
Cycle Eighteen Group3347 viewsCatherine Thomas, Laura LaFrate, Sophie Sumner
Photo: Douglas Friedman
16 comments07/17/12 at 15:21lf1234: I don't know how anyone could not love Laura ...
Lisa D'Amato3335 views18 comments10/13/11 at 12:55lf1234: I agree. I love it
Ann Ward4199 viewsPhoto: Ellen Von Unwerth
For: Vogue Italia, March 2011
15 comments03/01/11 at 15:08lf1234: I see a new confidence in these photos. You go, An...
Ann Ward11465 views120 comments12/02/10 at 23:22lf1234: This is definitely the edgiest covergirl photo IMO...
Laura Kirkpatrick1151 viewsPhoto: Dustin Stevenson10 comments11/18/10 at 11:05lf1234: I always thought she had more of the full package ...
CariDee English20172 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks136 comments11/16/10 at 20:42lf1234: Anyone who watched this episode knows damn well th...
Brittany Brower1080 viewsPhoto: Vince Trupsin2 comments11/04/10 at 22:25lf1234: Sexy, but sophisticated. The model is finally taki...
Chris White4234 viewsPhoto: Francesco Carrozzini40 comments10/24/10 at 22:41lf1234: What the hell is everyone bitching about?!?!?! I m...
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