Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Ann Ward13439 viewsPhoto: Anne Menke69 comments04/19/11 at 15:09laurasbloomers: My favorite Ann pic of all time! <3<3<3
Eva Pigford792 viewsPhoto: Derek Blanks3 comments12/17/10 at 01:26laurasbloomers: Love the outfit and love her!
Kimberly Rydzewski888 viewsPhoto: Nicole Bechard
For: HERZOG Designs, September 2010
3 comments10/27/10 at 00:04laurasbloomers: Love it!
Kimberly Rydzewski1029 viewsPhoto: Nicole Bechard
For: HERZOG Designs, September 2010
5 comments10/27/10 at 00:04laurasbloomers: It is so amazing she gets lots of work for someone...
Elina Ivanova4337 views20 comments08/07/10 at 13:53laurasbloomers: She looks like one of Kate Gosselin's kids! L...
McKey Sullivan1407 viewsPhoto: Escalante Photography11 comments08/07/10 at 13:52laurasbloomers: Even though her legs are bent, they still look mil...
Naduah Rugely2548 viewsPhoto: MGA Photo21 comments05/30/10 at 20:58laurasbloomers: One word a la Elliott Yamin: AMAZING!
Mila Bouzinova182 viewsFor: Susan van der Linde4 comments05/30/10 at 20:52laurasbloomers: Where is she? I can't see her!!!
Fo Porter416 viewsFor: Love213 comments02/24/10 at 19:25laurasbloomers: I'd buy that dress for sure!
Fo Porter555 viewsFor: Adidas5 comments02/24/10 at 19:24laurasbloomers: Strong and powerful
Fo Porter546 viewsFor: Billabong4 comments02/24/10 at 19:23laurasbloomers: Stunning!
Toccara Jones5565 viewsPhoto: Steven Meisel
For: Vogue Italia, July 2008
32 comments11/23/09 at 00:23laurasbloomers: Remember Norelle's comment? "Her boob is ...
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