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Tatianna Kern6039 viewsPhoto: D-nice111 comments04/12/10 at 16:54Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: ^^ totally agree, not modelsque nor phtogenic as s...
Raina Hein9110 viewsPhoto: D-nice118 comments04/12/10 at 16:52Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: i love the girl, if she just had the body....that ...
Krista White7549 viewsPhoto: D-nice78 comments04/12/10 at 16:40Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: LOL, the fact that everyone hate her is soo funny....
Brenda Arens5993 viewsPhoto: D-nice75 comments04/12/10 at 16:36Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: yeahhh...whatever the case is she needs to go
Angelea Preston8726 viewsPhoto: D-nice162 comments04/12/10 at 16:32Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: she's just not a model, i mean yes she does ta...
Alexandra Underwood5909 viewsPhoto: D-nice64 comments04/12/10 at 16:29Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: stop blaming tyra, the girl is not modelish nor go...
Alasia Ballard7352 viewsPhoto: D-nice97 comments04/12/10 at 16:27Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: i think she'll go at the new zeland covergirl ...
Lauren Brie Harding33176 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz295 comments04/10/10 at 16:06Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: Rolling Eyes
Tatianna Kern6039 viewsPhoto: D-nice111 comments04/10/10 at 15:14Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: =)
Krista White7549 viewsPhoto: D-nice78 comments04/10/10 at 15:11Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: ^ me neither, plus she's kinda old
Brenda Arens5993 viewsPhoto: D-nice75 comments04/10/10 at 15:07Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: ^ agree
Anslee Payne-Franklin5029 viewsPhoto: D-nice59 comments04/10/10 at 15:05Analeigh_<3_Marjorie: i like the photo but the bitch needs to go
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