Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Anya Kop2067 viewsPhoto: UN Workshop
For: Ming Pao Weekly
27 comments01/21/09 at 17:00yenegonrocks: ^ Awesome!!!!!! Go Anya!
Katarzyna Dolinska1863 viewsFor: LaMILK Magazine, February 20097 comments01/21/09 at 16:59yenegonrocks: Love the face.
Elina Ivanova11729 views113 comments01/18/09 at 11:13yenegonrocks: I don't like prostitution, but if they want to...
McKey Sullivan3565 viewsPhoto: Jon Cancelino
For: Forest & Bluff Magazine, January 2009
24 comments01/18/09 at 11:10yenegonrocks: ^^^Psh. Confessions of a McKey Hater.
Well, you d...
McKey Sullivan4155 viewsPhoto: Jon Cancelino
For: Forest & Bluff Magazine, January 2009
44 comments01/16/09 at 19:58yenegonrocks: Beautiful!
Whitney Thompson1754 viewsFor: JcPenny25 comments01/16/09 at 19:17yenegonrocks: She looks pretty, because she is pretty. But she&#...
Whitney Thompson18835 viewsPhoto: Russell James243 comments01/15/09 at 16:27yenegonrocks: ARGH! ANYA, Kat, Aimee, Fatima and Allison would d...
Melrose Bickerstaff1465 viewsPhoto: Perry Oki13 comments01/14/09 at 20:27yenegonrocks: ^ I agree. Besides, she has a collar with that shi...
Melrose Bickerstaff1397 viewsFor: DIVA Jewelry8 comments01/14/09 at 20:24yenegonrocks: Argh! Not every picture needs a neck.
Jaslene Gonzalez1426 viewsPhoto: Jordan Doner
For: Seventeen, July 2007
10 comments01/14/09 at 16:32yenegonrocks: ^ Haha, I love the dripping sarcasm. Jaslene was w...
Jaslene Gonzalez15633 viewsPhoto: Carlos Rios83 comments01/14/09 at 16:27yenegonrocks: Jaslene looked taller than Natasha. Nata was thin,...
Chantal Jones2097 viewsFor: KMS California23 comments01/14/09 at 16:24yenegonrocks: And they have great hair. So it works out.
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