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Kendal Brown1447 viewsPhoto: Henry Lopez13 comments05/28/11 at 20:51JordyLuvsANTM: Amazing color on her.
Kendal Brown1725 viewsPhoto: Henry Lopez19 comments05/28/11 at 20:50JordyLuvsANTM: Thank god she's here. Very Happy
Brittany Brower19222 viewsPhoto: Anton Robert129 comments05/16/11 at 23:21JordyLuvsANTM: She SO deserved to win this season. I never under...
Brittany Brower6740 views20 comments05/16/11 at 23:00JordyLuvsANTM: She totally deserved a spot in the final 2. If sh...
Allison Harvard19758 views73 comments05/16/11 at 22:57JordyLuvsANTM: She should rock this look and do her own version o...
Ann Ward4270 viewsPhoto: Ellen Von Unwerth
For: Vogue Italia, March 2011
18 comments03/17/11 at 10:02JordyLuvsANTM: This could help boost McDonald sales.
Sara Longoria3332 viewsPhoto: Russell James31 comments02/24/11 at 10:40JordyLuvsANTM: I am excited for her makeover.
Sara Longoria4054 views50 comments02/03/11 at 09:11JordyLuvsANTM: EVERY Sara (Sarah) has short hair! Confused
Dalya Morrow3744 views58 comments02/03/11 at 09:02JordyLuvsANTM: DAMNNN
Kayla Ferrel2607 viewsPhoto: Bryan Whitely
For: Wonderland Collection: Eyewear by Malachi Artese
26 comments11/06/10 at 03:06JordyLuvsANTM: You have to follow by rules. This probably is pri...
Cycle Ten Group9816 viewsAllison Kuehn, Lauren Utter, Amis Jenkins, Dominique Reighard, Aimee Wright, Fatima Siad, Anya Kop, Marvita Washington, Claire Unabia, Katarzyna Dolinska, Whitney Thompson, Stacy Ann Fequiere, Atalya Slater, Kimberly Rydzewski63 comments10/26/10 at 23:53JordyLuvsANTM: Katarzyna, Dominique, Fatima, Anya, Kim, and Laure...
Kendal Brown4014 viewsPhoto: Deborah Anderson14 comments10/21/10 at 23:45JordyLuvsANTM: Love this shot of her.
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