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Fo Porter565 viewsFor: Windsor Fashions4 comments04/03/10 at 15:40superjed29: its edgy fashion, cool concept
Allison Kuehn8034 viewsFor: Olay23 comments11/14/09 at 08:07superjed29: her features look shrunk with photoshop
Lauren Utter2731 views23 comments11/14/09 at 08:06superjed29: this rocks!
Marvita Washington2420 viewsPhoto: Tarrice Love43 comments11/06/09 at 08:46superjed29: WoW. this looks like an ad in my magazines
Catie Anderson860 viewsPhoto: Sean Russell3 comments11/06/09 at 08:43superjed29: looks like an actress. i loved her in her cycle
Catie Anderson2670 views8 comments11/06/09 at 08:42superjed29: she looks younger than during her cycle
Catie Anderson2082 views9 comments11/06/09 at 08:40superjed29: she looks radiant
Sundai Love5308 viewsPhoto: Russell James110 comments11/06/09 at 07:21superjed29: TYRA obviously wanted to win her., u can see her d...
Sundai Love5246 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion119 comments11/03/09 at 12:58superjed29: y the fuck does nigel like this?
Sundai Love5598 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks139 comments11/03/09 at 12:54superjed29: TYRA OBVIOUSLY WANTS HER TO WIN. like fukcing sale...
Erin Wagner10732 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks236 comments11/03/09 at 12:49superjed29: "I wonder why erin's picture is the only ...
Katarzyna Dolinska5739 viewsPhoto: The GL Factory44 comments11/02/09 at 10:58superjed29: she <i>is</i> fierce
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