Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Kyle Gober2016 viewsPhoto: Ben Shaul17 comments04/24/12 at 06:33marcusamkss: I liked her. I rather see alisha go:) sorry guys.
Molly O'Connell1687 views19 comments12/04/11 at 03:27marcusamkss: did she gained weight?
Fatima Siad1100 viewsPhoto: Philippe Salomon
For: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
8 comments07/03/11 at 12:10marcusamkss: how do you know she is a muslim?^
Brittani Kline2660 viewsPhoto: Pierpaolo Ferrari
For: Vogue Italia
17 comments06/03/11 at 00:35marcusamkss: actually imo after ann's spread, im slightly ...
Nicole Lucas1762 viewsPhoto: Justin Jonah Ng
For: Prestige Magazine, 2010
7 comments02/06/11 at 07:28marcusamkss: All Nicoles(c3,c5,c13,c16) are FIRECE BEAUTY MODEL...
Ann Ward3799 viewsPhoto: Vincent Peters
For: Beauty in Vogue, May 2011
16 comments12/17/10 at 10:00marcusamkss: so beautiful
Raina Hein8830 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks181 comments05/07/10 at 07:43marcusamkss: IT BELONGS IN THE BOTTOM !
Aminat Ayinde10934 viewsPhoto: Keith Major176 comments05/02/10 at 23:50marcusamkss: her eyes are a little lost its like not focus on a...
Angelea Preston6544 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker124 comments04/30/10 at 03:01marcusamkss: i think wat she did at panel was to control and ho...
Raina Hein9730 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker120 comments04/29/10 at 02:22marcusamkss: i a weak shot u guys overated it!
Alexandra Underwood5690 views76 comments04/27/10 at 06:24marcusamkss: i love it but is just that her film is crap.its li...
Raina Hein2238 viewsPhoto: Ashley Lebedev37 comments04/17/10 at 23:42marcusamkss: i love the lamb! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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