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Alisha White2399 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker18 comments10/05/12 at 23:49Hailsnail: she had the same face in every photo.
McKey Sullivan18006 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker358 comments06/11/12 at 14:41Hailsnail: she looks creepy and like a man
McKey Sullivan18291 views216 comments06/11/12 at 14:40Hailsnail: hideous.
Joslyn Pennywell8020 viewsPhoto: Russell James89 comments06/11/12 at 14:24Hailsnail: does anyone else notice how retouched this is??? I...
Hannah White9799 viewsPhoto: Russell James91 comments06/11/12 at 14:19Hailsnail: she looks drunk
Brittany Rubalcaba9153 viewsPhoto: Russell James109 comments06/11/12 at 14:12Hailsnail: the only shot of this girl that's good, and s...
Brittany Rubalcaba7910 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal70 comments06/11/12 at 14:10Hailsnail: bland
Analeigh Tipton26275 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker289 comments06/11/12 at 14:09Hailsnail: I don't know how she didn't make it to t...
Analeigh Tipton28215 viewsPhoto: Russell James96 comments06/11/12 at 14:07Hailsnail: love this! she looks gorgeous!
Analeigh Tipton19553 views67 comments06/11/12 at 14:06Hailsnail: they were all about retouching this cycle. That is...
Jessie Rabideau4128 viewsPhoto: Tony Duran17 comments06/02/12 at 18:31Hailsnail: I like the body, but the face is def awful.
Sophie Sumner4243 viewsPhoto: Jez Smith28 comments06/02/12 at 17:24Hailsnail: YAY! SHE WON! She totally deserved it.
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