Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Jenah Doucette368 viewsPhoto: William Philbin1 comments08/28/15 at 15:10Matteo: She had to win ANTM...
Alexandria Everett272 viewsFor: Avant Garden Parties1 comments11/19/14 at 13:59Matteo: She looks like a monkey in this pic! Razz Shocked
Lisa D'Amato358 viewsFor: Import Tuner, April 20051 comments01/07/14 at 13:18Matteo: omg, this is so awful!!! ahaha
Hannah Jones233 viewsPhoto: Juan DeLeon
For: Austin Fashion Week (Fall 2011)
1 comments07/12/13 at 05:48Matteo: this is so stunning! love the pose!!
Erin Wagner388 viewsPhoto: Nelson Blanton
For: Modo Magazine September 2012
2 comments10/23/12 at 15:17Matteo: tremendously amazing Very Happy
Amanda Swafford16593 viewsPhoto: Ryu Tamagawa142 comments09/16/12 at 07:23Matteo: Everytime I look at this pic I wonder how they cou...
Yaya DaCosta Johnson9341 viewsPhoto: Ryu Tamagawa72 comments09/16/12 at 07:19Matteo: I don't like this. Amanda's photo was mu...
Amanda Swafford565 views2 comments07/10/12 at 12:01Matteo: this is so tender. it makes me cry
Naduah Rugely466 viewsPhoto: Jonah Gilmore
For: FINE Magazine, Issue 8
2 comments07/09/12 at 13:36Matteo: she is Gwen Stefani here! Surprised
Jenascia Chakos7062 viewsPhoto: Andrew Eccles53 comments07/04/12 at 15:56Matteo: she was so nice! I couldn't stand Janice repe...
Jane Randall5829 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker51 comments10/30/11 at 15:30Matteo: My lake... I'm so in love with this photo, be...
Raina Hein922 viewsPhoto: Miles Schuster10 comments09/24/11 at 10:23Matteo: to me this is AMAZING! great great great shot!
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