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Krista White8930 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton268 comments05/15/11 at 19:43200660748: AWFUL, THIS IS JUST ALL WRONG, SHE IS SO UGLY AND ...
Raina Hein1517 viewsPhoto: Daniel Clavero16 comments05/15/11 at 19:34200660748: stunning, beautiful, love her
Angelea Preston8910 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz217 comments05/15/11 at 19:31200660748: looks like a better version of tahlia
Brenda Arens4636 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz78 comments05/15/11 at 19:23200660748: marilyn manson is that you?
Naduah Rugely6458 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards120 comments05/15/11 at 19:15200660748: nails look nasty, and her hand looks huge
Jenah Doucette7991 views411 comments05/12/11 at 19:55200660748: OR MAYBE SHE HEARD KIM PLAYING THE HARMONIC Laughing ...
Ann Ward10273 viewsPhoto: Jessica Brooks103 comments05/11/11 at 17:41200660748: WEIRDO
Ann Ward11792 viewsPhoto: Patrick Demarchelier82 comments05/11/11 at 17:38200660748: THE OUTFIT IS HIDEOUS!!!!
Ann Ward11488 views120 comments05/11/11 at 17:37200660748: EW, I DON'T LIKE HER MOUTH, IT LOOKS STIFF, I...
Victoria Marshman8436 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith93 comments05/09/11 at 14:28200660748: YUCK! THIS IS HORRIBLE
Jaslene Gonzalez12931 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks59 comments05/09/11 at 09:25200660748: AGAIN, TYRA DIDN'T TAKE THE DAMN PHOTOGRAPH, ...
Jaslene Gonzalez10396 viewsPhoto: Kareem Black81 comments05/09/11 at 09:01200660748: ^ THAT'S NOT EVEN GOOD, YOU NEED TO HAVE SEVE...
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