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Lexie Tomchek1895 viewsPhoto: Babak Photography18 comments08/20/10 at 18:42smrtpunk: i think it's the make-up in this particular s...
Bianca Golden900 viewsFor: Unsigned & Undesigned Magazine11 comments03/29/10 at 19:46smrtpunk: it looks like someone opened the stall while she w...
Kimberly Leemans517 viewsPhoto: Alex-ADE Ogundiran
For: Unsigned & Undesigned Magazine
2 comments03/29/10 at 19:45smrtpunk: poor thing, the makeup makes it look like she has ...
Krista White2376 views25 comments03/29/10 at 19:42smrtpunk: word. the styling is terrible.
Whitney Thompson534 viewsPhoto: Scarlett Lillian6 comments03/01/10 at 13:43smrtpunk: She's so busy "modeling" that she...
Rae Weisz1400 viewsPhoto: Jerry Olson
For: Rochester Magazine, November 2009
6 comments11/28/09 at 17:55smrtpunk: none of those people should be proud of what they&...
Katarzyna Dolinska2173 viewsPhoto: Sylvain Homo
For: Prestigium Studio
10 comments11/20/09 at 00:39smrtpunk: the look on her face is great- it's like she k...
Michelle Deighton734 viewsPhoto: Andy Silvers4 comments11/11/09 at 23:00smrtpunk: i wish michelle had never been on the show-she wou...
Shandi Sullivan1485 views28 comments11/11/09 at 22:57smrtpunk: shandi for me was always much more gorgeous real l...
Eugena Washington767 viewsPhoto: Solmaz Saberi14 comments11/03/09 at 18:32smrtpunk: Gorgeous! I'm looking at this right after look...
Courtney Davies689 views6 comments10/14/09 at 19:08smrtpunk: it's androgynous and yet so girly, plus she lo...
Dionne Walters872 viewsPhoto: M. Carson
For: Charles Andrew Designs
9 comments10/14/09 at 19:03smrtpunk: the placement of the stool is unfortunate. Embarrassed
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