Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Tiffany Richardson5507 viewsPhoto: Danielle Levitt43 comments07/06/14 at 22:34gabbygabz987: "A little cherokee indian, a little black gir...
Samantha Potter502 viewsPhoto: AAC Studios1 comments01/04/13 at 16:25gabbygabz987: clark is that you?
London Levi11720 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker106 comments01/31/10 at 01:47gabbygabz987: i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this pic of her. its one of m...
ShaRaun Brown7138 views96 comments01/25/10 at 18:28gabbygabz987: at david18, not in this picture but in the show an...
Anchal Joseph7321 viewsPhoto: Randee St. Nicholas37 comments01/10/10 at 13:12gabbygabz987: this is my FAVORITE!!! shot of anchal
Kelle Jacob2842 views18 comments12/27/09 at 22:02gabbygabz987: THANK GOD FOR THE WEAVE THEY GAVE HER
she REALLY ...
Mixed Cycle Group4744 viewsKeenyah Hill, Wendy Wiltz, Bre Scullark

Photo: Derek Blanks
18 comments09/18/09 at 01:50gabbygabz987: WTF. WERE DID WENDY COME FROM? and why is she in p...
Mixed Cycle Group6997 views
Marvita Washington, Bre Scullark, Fatima Siad, Toccara Jones, Dominique Reighard

For: Ebony Magazine, December 2008
Photo: Keith Major
61 comments09/18/09 at 01:50gabbygabz987: BLACK GIRLS OF ANTM!!!!
love em all except fatima
Mixed Cycle Group7410 viewsBrittany Hatch, Shandi Sullivan, Kahlen Rondot, Sarah Von

Photo: Maki Kawakita
For: Radar, October 2007
30 comments09/18/09 at 01:48gabbygabz987: sarah looks like amanda (c3) and renee (cCool here
Mixed Cycle Group6852 viewsLisa Jackson, Janet Mills, Ebony Morgan, Danielle Evans

For: Akademiks
33 comments09/18/09 at 01:47gabbygabz987: ew janets on the toilet
...and dammm ebony looks ...
Mixed Cycle Group7313 viewsNik Pace, Jade Cole

For: Black Men's Magazine
45 comments09/18/09 at 01:46gabbygabz987: "I WANT LONG HAIR BECAUSE I KNOW IN THE INDIS...
Cycle Twelve Group6410 viewsIsabella Falk, Aminat Ayinde, Tahlia Brookins, Jessica Santiago, Allison Harvard, Teyona Anderson London Levi, Nijah Harris, Fo Porter, Kortnie Coles, Celia Ammerman, Natalie Pack101 comments09/18/09 at 01:44gabbygabz987: jessica looks awful and WOW THALIA LOST WEIGHT
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