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Last comments - Sacha Faddoul
Jane Randall853 viewsFor: Saks Fifth Avenue7 comments03/15/11 at 04:43Sacha Faddoul: What happend to charming the camera, Dont just sta...
Alexandria Everett1145 viewsPhoto: Vikram Pathak Photography1 comments03/02/11 at 00:22Sacha Faddoul: uh...What? o_O
Naduah Rugely386 viewsPhoto: Alexandria Bailey2 comments03/02/11 at 00:20Sacha Faddoul: The same effin Madonna face in every photo.
Ann Ward4260 viewsPhoto: Ellen Von Unwerth
For: Vogue Italia, March 2011
15 comments03/02/11 at 00:14Sacha Faddoul: I like it, like she came out of a Jean - Michel Ba...
Brittany Markert666 viewsPhoto: Robin Howland4 comments03/02/11 at 00:10Sacha Faddoul: This is why I like Brittany, She does some weird s...
Alasia Ballard7503 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards153 comments03/19/10 at 05:16Sacha Faddoul: I don't see one good thing about this photo, e...
Jessica Serfaty8062 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards94 comments03/19/10 at 05:15Sacha Faddoul: ^ elaborate?
Shandi Sullivan1076 viewsPhoto: JUO Photography4 comments03/19/10 at 05:14Sacha Faddoul: the porno version of home alone?
Shandi Sullivan2437 views8 comments03/19/10 at 05:13Sacha Faddoul: I actually like this.
Naduah Rugely6387 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion85 comments03/19/10 at 04:25Sacha Faddoul: Its not pretty enough.
Krista White 7414 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion67 comments03/19/10 at 04:24Sacha Faddoul: I love the face and neck but...the rest is a hot m...
Jessica Serfaty10755 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion109 comments03/19/10 at 04:24Sacha Faddoul: I love it...fco...maybe
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