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Kristin Kagay3593 viewsPhoto: Ricky Middlesworth12 comments06/07/12 at 23:29bdon17: Her face in this is breathtaking. I just wished th...
Kristin Kagay2805 views11 comments06/07/12 at 23:27bdon17: Marisa Miller?
Laura James3559 viewsPhoto: Shenae Grimes10 comments05/26/12 at 18:52bdon17: ^looks like we have the same taste!
Kiara Belen1931 views9 comments05/26/12 at 18:50bdon17: Who let Angelea try out again?!
Allyssa Vuelma2649 views11 comments05/26/12 at 18:47bdon17: The fact that she made it over girls like Savanna,...
Alisha White3394 viewsPhoto: Angelo Sgambati22 comments02/27/12 at 17:48bdon17: I thought she was so overrated on BNTM. Elle carri...
CariDee English20172 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks136 comments06/12/11 at 20:28bdon17: Amazing photo but I think Brooke had her beat this...
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte9639 viewsPhoto: Andrew Eccles41 comments06/12/11 at 20:25bdon17: I feel like this shot is really overlooked. It is ...
Cycle Two Group10745 viewsYoanna House, Shandi Sullivan

Photo: Alex Martinengo
61 comments06/12/11 at 20:23bdon17: number 16 in my top 50!
Yaya DaCosta Johnson14649 viewsPhoto: Bill Diodato94 comments06/12/11 at 20:22bdon17: Number 17 in my top 50!
Cycle Fifteen Group6265 viewsJane Randall, Chelsey Hersley, Ann Ward64 comments06/12/11 at 20:21bdon17: Of my top 50, this is number 18!
Joanie Dodds16392 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana91 comments06/12/11 at 20:19bdon17: Best shot of the cycle. I actually just made a top...
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