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McKey Sullivan2831 views15 comments01/21/11 at 00:11Hans: Classic beauty :-)Oh Mckey you're so fine you...
McKey Sullivan1116 viewsPhoto: Joshua Alexandre Haines5 comments01/21/11 at 00:10Hans: I see Keira Knightly here Smile
McKey Sullivan1815 viewsPhoto: Hadi Alavi14 comments01/21/11 at 00:10Hans: GORGEOUS..You go girl Smile
Rhianna Atwood5337 viewsPhoto: Jessica Brooks86 comments12/16/10 at 00:53Hans: When i look at her face...i think of Santino Rice....
London Levi11881 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker106 comments09/22/09 at 02:33Hans: London looks like a japanese anime character here ...
Celia Ammerman5411 views37 comments09/12/09 at 13:04Hans: I saw this in Allure!!!!!!!!! Laughing
Joanie Dodds12219 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker108 comments06/01/09 at 22:17Hans: I love this.One of the best Covergirl ad in ANTM.J...
CariDee English7161 views28 comments06/01/09 at 22:03Hans: I can relate to Caridee because i,too suffered fro...
Eugena Washington1673 viewsPhoto: Mary Ellen Matthews
For: Ken Paves Salon
8 comments06/01/09 at 21:59Hans: Eugena is the one on the far right in the white dr...
Fo Porter8079 views52 comments05/29/09 at 23:12Hans: Better than her long hair.And she looks like a boy...
Fo Porter12007 views145 comments05/29/09 at 23:11Hans: This is ok.
Fo Porter15105 viewsPhoto: Keith Major225 comments05/29/09 at 23:06Hans: This looks like it could be a Vogue cover.Seriousl...
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