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Dominique Reighard371 viewsPhoto: Derek Blanks2 comments06/12/13 at 16:03Costaricafashion: Yes she is, Derek Blanks has done the same with ma...
Lisa Jackson352 viewsPhoto: Paul Morel Photographer3 comments05/21/13 at 13:56Costaricafashion: Well, ANTM's fuzz is dying so no wonder.
Angelea Preston122 views2 comments05/02/13 at 16:46Costaricafashion: Those were taken at the beginning of her pregnancy
Erin Wagner12357 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks247 comments01/15/13 at 13:27Costaricafashion: This is a piece of art!
Lisa D'Amato11687 viewsPhoto: Craig de Cristo70 comments01/15/13 at 13:25Costaricafashion: The close up is so Derpy that it scares but from a...
Krista White8546 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams99 comments01/15/13 at 09:35Costaricafashion: ^^^I think that was a fashion shot it needs to be ...
Mikaela Schipani3787 viewsPhoto: Troy Jensen38 comments12/28/12 at 15:37Costaricafashion: She had a rash in her neck due to an allergic reac...
Allison Harvard1182 viewsFor: Michael Cinco's Impalpable12 comments12/27/12 at 13:07Costaricafashion: Based on all your comments you will never like All...
Sophie Sumner894 viewsPhoto: Jez Smith
For: Beauty in Vogue, November 2012
4 comments11/07/12 at 15:15Costaricafashion: I think she was supposed to look tried/lifeless
Katarzyna Dolinska305 viewsPhoto: Romain Sellier
For: Ninja Magazine, #11
5 comments11/07/12 at 15:10Costaricafashion: ^^Well, she is partially there
Danielle Evans325 viewsPhoto: Josh Marks
For: MAMi Magazine, Issue 9
3 comments04/11/12 at 14:29Costaricafashion: We really can't since some contestants would ...
Raina Hein791 viewsPhoto: Maria Laxamana8 comments09/21/11 at 16:47Costaricafashion: The styling would be nothing without the model
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