Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Cycle Three Group6825 viewsAmanda Swafford, Ann Markley, Cassie Grisham, Eva Pigford, Jennipher Frost, Julie Titus, Kelle Jacob, Kristi Grommet, Leah Darrow, Magdalena Rivas, Nicole Borud, Norelle Van Herk, Toccara Jones, Yaya DaCosta Johnson30 comments01/19/11 at 13:00Phasahd: Wait a sec, Nicole was SHORTER than Eva, but Eva g...
Yaya DaCosta Johnson716 viewsPhoto: Ben Goldstein
For: Esquire Magazine, June/July 2010
3 comments09/17/10 at 13:21Phasahd: Cute!
Yaya DaCosta Johnson645 viewsPhoto: Ben Goldstein
For: Esquire Magazine, June/July 2010
4 comments09/17/10 at 13:16Phasahd: Her face crinkles when she smiles sometimes, I gue...
Yaya DaCosta Johnson614 viewsPhoto: Caitlin Thorne Hersey
For: The New York Post
2 comments09/17/10 at 13:02Phasahd: Looks like she only has one leg.
Eva Pigford621 viewsFor: Traci Lynn Jewelry2 comments05/07/10 at 12:37Phasahd: The tu-tu scares me, but the waredrobe isn't h...
Eva Pigford868 viewsPhoto: Derek Blanks1 comments01/15/10 at 04:52Phasahd: Awwe, that's her cousin Terrel!
Natasha Galkina2351 views4 comments01/15/10 at 04:41Phasahd: When I see this picture, all I can hear is "w...
Eva Pigford1163 viewsFor: Green Magazine6 comments11/05/09 at 20:57Phasahd: It does look like she's Janet Jackson! But Jan...
Eva Pigford703 viewsPhoto: Greg Delves
For: Essence Magazine, August 2009
2 comments11/05/09 at 20:55Phasahd: This reminds me of a page out of an old Gold Medal...
Eva Pigford692 views4 comments11/05/09 at 20:54Phasahd: I wish I looked like that when I have a toothache!
Eva Pigford613 viewsPhoto: Michael Quain1 comments11/05/09 at 20:52Phasahd: I like this picture, but the shape of her eyes are...
Eva Pigford1123 viewsPhoto: Odessy Barby Photography5 comments11/05/09 at 20:50Phasahd: No, it's Eva. There's a close up of her wi...
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