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Lauren Brie Harding11280 views62 comments01/13/12 at 12:20SexyBlackGuy2009: Tanya Dziahileva, come get your sister..
Anna Bradfield3703 views21 comments01/13/12 at 12:18SexyBlackGuy2009: Dreadful, unfortunate, tear-inducing shoes.
Krista White866 viewsPhoto: Shameer Khan13 comments08/01/10 at 08:13SexyBlackGuy2009: ^True, but l guess l was not being clear. l have n...
Angelea Preston1607 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman10 comments07/17/10 at 22:22SexyBlackGuy2009: Great Jawline, nice body, of course. l am not feel...
Angelea Preston1736 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman17 comments07/17/10 at 22:18SexyBlackGuy2009: Looks like she is standing in a fog moving in arou...
Angelea Preston2251 viewsPhoto: Mark Sanders
For: Fashionista Magazine
25 comments07/17/10 at 22:14SexyBlackGuy2009: *Drops Mic And Walks Off Stage*
Krista White887 viewsPhoto: Shameer Khan7 comments07/17/10 at 22:13SexyBlackGuy2009: Even though she could've brought 100% more li...
Krista White866 viewsPhoto: Shameer Khan13 comments07/17/10 at 22:11SexyBlackGuy2009: She's one of those people that always has to ...
Krista White826 viewsPhoto: Shameer Khan5 comments07/17/10 at 22:07SexyBlackGuy2009: She looks rather young, which is good. And this is...
Alasia Ballard1793 viewsPhoto: Claude LaGuerre Jr.
For: Primadonna Magazine, Fall 2010
21 comments07/17/10 at 22:05SexyBlackGuy2009: Love the body and the way it looks in the very lov...
Raina Hein1756 viewsPhoto: Miles Schuster
For: Metro Magazine, July 2010
8 comments07/17/10 at 21:58SexyBlackGuy2009: Love the face to death, but her legs, of course, a...
Raina Hein1968 viewsPhoto: Miles Schuster
For: Metro Magazine, July 2010
6 comments07/17/10 at 21:56SexyBlackGuy2009: l'm so in love with the face, it's not e...
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