Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Chantal Jones765 viewsPhoto: Germán Nájera
For: Hotbook Magazine
4 comments06/20/11 at 09:03vheart: I love how she is never out of work for long.
Chantal Jones625 viewsPhoto: Germán Nájera
For: Hotbook Magazine
3 comments06/20/11 at 09:02vheart: Amazing!! I love Chantal
Sundai Love1399 viewsPhoto: Yu Tsai
For: Coca-Cola
18 comments06/20/11 at 08:49vheart: Wow this is a huge deal. She could potentially be ...
Ann Ward3541 viewsPhoto: Ellen Von Unwerth
For: Beauty in Vogue, May 2011
22 comments06/05/11 at 09:55vheart: Why is it blurry? Its like Angelea's ugly ugl...
Adrianne Curry984 viewsPhoto: Kendal Karson4 comments05/17/11 at 07:24vheart: She looks like she has 4 boobs and the face is pla...
Alasia Ballard1117 viewsPhoto: Real Life Images LLC16 comments01/24/11 at 19:01vheart: Ewwww what's with the horrible makeup? She lo...
Joslyn Pennywell5924 views37 comments01/17/11 at 23:43vheart: She looks like Wendy cycle 6
Danielle Evans12045 viewsPhoto: Jaturong Kirankarn52 comments01/17/11 at 23:05vheart: Ewwwwww that upside down picture just ruined this ...
Chelsey Hersley2135 views2 comments01/06/11 at 18:55vheart: Body is amazing, face is eww.
Chelsey Hersley3584 viewsFor: Tanzanite Fashion Show18 comments01/06/11 at 18:54vheart: I see this and think Melrose
Mixed Cycle Group2640 viewsLauren Brie Harding, Megg Morales

Photo: BJ Pascual
For: Meg Magazine, November 2009
7 comments01/06/11 at 18:40vheart: I love this picture the most out of the spread, th...
Mixed Cycle Group2578 viewsJessica Serfaty, Laura Kirkpatrick, Sundai Love, Courtney Davies, Raina Hein

Photo: Scot Woodman
21 comments01/06/11 at 18:33vheart: Jess and Laura both look plus sized next to the ti...
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