Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Whitney Thompson1152 viewsPhoto: Inez Lewis
For: Plus Model Magazine, January 2010
28 comments01/02/10 at 10:14runawaybucket: Aww.... she's so stunning!<3
Laura Kirkpatrick779 views6 comments01/02/10 at 10:13runawaybucket: Although this isn't my favorite shot of her......
Mixed Cycle Group3327 viewsMegg Morales, Lauren Brie Harding

Photo: BJ Pascual
For: Meg Magazine, November 2009
19 comments01/02/10 at 10:08runawaybucket: Omigoodness... look at Megg! She's FIERCE. lov...
Mixed Cycle Group3491 viewsLauren Brie Harding, Megg Morales

Photo: BJ Pascual
For: Meg Magazine, November 2009
18 comments01/02/10 at 10:07runawaybucket: They're both so high fashion in this shot!
Mixed Cycle Group7531 viewsBrittany Hatch, Shandi Sullivan, Kahlen Rondot, Sarah Von

Photo: Maki Kawakita
For: Radar, October 2007
30 comments01/02/10 at 10:06runawaybucket: I wish Kahlen continued modeling. She is definitel...
Nicole Fox1579 views8 comments01/02/10 at 10:04runawaybucket: very, very nice. love her awkward edginess...
Nicole Fox1642 views12 comments01/02/10 at 10:03runawaybucket: WOW! her legs go on FOREVER in this photo! (:
Nicole Fox1519 views9 comments01/02/10 at 10:03runawaybucket: she looks very sexy in this photo!
Nicole Fox2116 views19 comments01/02/10 at 10:02runawaybucket: she looks 6 feet in this shot! (:
Nicole Fox2503 views39 comments01/02/10 at 10:01runawaybucket: she is definitely the most HIGH FASHION winner yet...
Kahlen Rondot3783 views4 comments11/22/09 at 14:06runawaybucket: I wonder why she doesn't continue to model now...
Kahlen Rondot4300 views15 comments11/22/09 at 14:06runawaybucket: I love this photo of Kahlen (:
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