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Ambreal Williams1819 viewsChantal Jones, Ambreal Williams

For: KMS California
6 comments12/26/09 at 04:28acgap: Chantal Williams? They got hitched? Ouch Sad
Chantal Jones1167 viewsPhoto: Markus Ziegler
For: InFashion Magazine
15 comments12/25/09 at 06:17acgap: It's like Cycle 11's Warehouse Shot :-bd I...
Chantal Jones1258 viewsFor: Vogue Travel & Shops Guide28 comments12/25/09 at 06:16acgap: Nice, Princess Smile
Jayla Rubinelli975 viewsPhoto: Daniel Garay2 comments12/20/09 at 07:03acgap: Agree. It's nice Wink
Brittany Markert8320 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks192 comments12/20/09 at 04:21acgap: totally robbed. they lost the sense of biracial-ne...
Brittany Markert7221 viewsPhoto: Patricia Van Oh91 comments12/20/09 at 04:18acgap: first time evar that ms.j said that it was ok to h...
Nicole Linkletter1852 views13 comments12/19/09 at 11:05acgap: I thought it was Kirsten Stewart from the thumbnai...
Brittany Markert617 viewsPhoto: Ryan Tran4 comments12/19/09 at 10:46acgap: I thought Brit was a wheelbarrow XD A hot wheelbar...
Anya Kop1951 views12 comments12/19/09 at 04:03acgap: beautiful
Anya Kop1562 views6 comments12/19/09 at 03:54acgap: She's so cute, in a "my-groom-left-me&quo...
Anya Kop912 viewsFor: Apple Daily, 02/10/20094 comments12/19/09 at 03:44acgap: love the shoes
Anya Kop873 viewsFor: Apple Daily, 02/10/20091 comments12/19/09 at 03:41acgap: anya's too cute
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