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Nicole Fox2018 viewsFor: Forever 21/Heritage 198116 comments03/13/10 at 05:06acgap: ADORABLE! *hugs*
Claire Unabia593 viewsPhoto: Andre Wright Jr.
For: Mute Magazine
3 comments03/04/10 at 04:35acgap: I don't like what they did to her gorgeous fac...
Nicole Fox2018 viewsPhoto: Alex Oryan
For: Fashion Q&A, April 2010
31 comments02/16/10 at 03:56acgap: I loooooove!!
Rebecca Epley820 views12 comments02/13/10 at 23:39acgap: marilyn monroe?
Naduah Rugely4579 viewsPhoto: Jai Zeta
For: Moda Magazine
57 comments02/10/10 at 05:54acgap: loooooooooooooooove....
Mixed Cycle Group4723 viewsKeenyah Hill, Wendy Wiltz, Bre Scullark

Photo: Derek Blanks
18 comments02/07/10 at 00:54acgap: Did they re-touch Keenyah's stomach again?
Brittany Markert850 viewsPhoto: Haleh Bryan11 comments02/07/10 at 00:40acgap: White Queen. Woot. Laughing love this!
CariDee English3216 viewsPhoto: George Holz
For: Seventeen, February 2007
8 comments02/06/10 at 05:56acgap: I agree 69sebazebra69 she does have the best seven...
Clark Gilmer1226 views22 comments02/06/10 at 05:48acgap: I love it. (sue me!) Laughing
Clark Gilmer831 viewsPhoto: Michael Petry8 comments02/06/10 at 05:37acgap: ZOMG. Clark! *love*
Nicole Fox5889 viewsPhoto: Gilles Bensimon
For: Seventeen Magazine, February 2010
106 comments02/05/10 at 23:30acgap: 1. CariDee
2. Nicole
3. McKey
4. Teyona
5. Sal...
Chantal Jones854 viewsPhoto: Olga Laris
For: Deep Magazine
10 comments02/05/10 at 23:04acgap: It's the darkside of Jenah's covergirl ad.
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