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Last comments - Solitaire
Laura Kirkpatrick731 viewsPhoto: Tyler Wilkinson11 comments05/18/10 at 13:21Solitaire: I have no idea whats going on, but she looks gorgo...
Aminat Ayinde881 viewsPhoto: Brandon Vick12 comments05/18/10 at 13:20Solitaire: not bad, not fantastic
Saleisha Stowers1046 views13 comments05/18/10 at 13:20Solitaire: not very model
Yaya DaCosta Johnson655 viewsPhoto: Antoine Verglas
For: Essence Magazine, June 2010
10 comments05/18/10 at 13:19Solitaire: doesnt look a thing like Yaya
Krista White1837 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks14 comments05/16/10 at 14:33Solitaire: beautiful photo
Krista White5043 viewsFor: Seventeen Magazine, June/July 2010141 comments05/16/10 at 14:14Solitaire: girl can smile, way better than alot of the other ...
Krista White7621 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker196 comments05/14/10 at 01:09Solitaire: all those who says shes to old, you DO know Naomi ...
Raina Hein10883 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton221 comments05/14/10 at 01:06Solitaire: I dont like how her top lip sits in this picture, ...
Krista White8866 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton268 comments05/14/10 at 01:00Solitaire: they really should use her add from the previous c...
Krista White8866 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton268 comments05/13/10 at 15:13Solitaire: but look at that bone structure babeh!!
Krista White9286 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks180 comments05/13/10 at 14:59Solitaire: there have been older contestents than Krista, loo...
Angelea Preston6604 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams130 comments05/13/10 at 14:55Solitaire: true enough, it was probably an accident, but I li...
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