Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Jenah Doucette15093 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks114 comments10/24/09 at 18:07AntmILoveYou: damn those people are smaaaalll
London Levi5994 viewsPhoto: Michael J. Laudini
For: Playboy, October 2009
236 comments10/22/09 at 20:37AntmILoveYou: I hate her now...
A.J. Stewart949 viewsPhoto: Jennifer Moon4 comments10/21/09 at 21:29AntmILoveYou: BEAUTIFUL
Cycle Thirteen Group6638 viewsBrittany Markert, Rae Weisz, Jennifer An

Photo: Mike Rosenthal
117 comments10/13/09 at 21:08AntmILoveYou: rae is the best, but I see Brittany first
Mixed Cycle Group5420 viewsMonique Calhoun, Sarah Von

Photo: Parrish Lewis
20 comments10/11/09 at 00:21AntmILoveYou: WTF is fucking Monique doing here! Shes the most h...
Chantal Jones6091 viewsPhoto: Stan Musilek
For: 7x7 San Francisco, May 2008
18 comments10/10/09 at 18:38AntmILoveYou: is this a paparazzi shot?
Melrose Bickerstaff1388 viewsPhoto: Ronen Fadida18 comments10/10/09 at 16:11AntmILoveYou: This is my desktop background, I love the photo an...
Heather Kuzmich15026 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy69 comments10/07/09 at 17:08AntmILoveYou: I dont think this is fashion at all, this looks li...
Cycle Seven Group5139 viewsMelrose Bickerstaff, Michelle Babin, Brooke Miller, Amanda Babin

Photo: Jeffery Jones
For: Seventeen
32 comments10/06/09 at 21:49AntmILoveYou: lol
Cycle Seven Group3304 viewsAmanda Babin, Michelle Babin

Photo: Clayton James Cubitt
14 comments10/06/09 at 21:44AntmILoveYou: I dont this this is cute at all...
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