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Kasia Pilewicz1637 viewsPhoto: Todd Selby
For: Glamour Magazine, December 2008
7 comments02/03/11 at 20:00Piacere: this is grotesque
Rhianna Atwood2118 viewsPhoto: Jeff Morris15 comments09/17/10 at 17:31Piacere: I admit, I was a hater, but this photo is great
Michelle Babin11045 viewsPhoto: Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don50 comments07/24/10 at 15:16Piacere: ^^ Underrated? Yeah right, everyone basically orga...
Raina Hein10940 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton221 comments05/13/10 at 16:48Piacere: This picture is flawless. Her lips don't look ...
Raina Hein8034 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams90 comments05/13/10 at 16:47Piacere: I love the eyes in the close up, but far away, it ...
Krista White7647 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker196 comments05/13/10 at 16:46Piacere: Is that America's Next Top Male Model's wi...
Krista White8918 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton268 comments05/13/10 at 16:45Piacere: Dead eyes and it looks like she's smelling som...
Krista White8532 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams99 comments05/13/10 at 16:44Piacere: Body = awesome. Face = reminiscent of a duck
Raina Hein1081 viewsPhoto: Wade Gunderson6 comments05/12/10 at 12:05Piacere: I don't know what it is about this picture, bu...
Raina Hein755 viewsPhoto: Wade Gunderson4 comments05/12/10 at 12:05Piacere: I have to agree. Her face looks stunning.
Krista White 7933 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards121 comments03/18/10 at 15:14Piacere: She looks fake to me... like a wax model.
Brenda Arens5712 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards94 comments03/18/10 at 15:10Piacere: ^^^^^ I actually think the mouth is what kills it ...
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