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McKey Sullivan1373 viewsPhoto: Laura Ferreira21 comments06/06/10 at 22:32Backlad11: Its actually one of my all time fav shots.
McKey Sullivan1223 viewsPhoto: Laura Ferreira14 comments06/06/10 at 22:31Backlad11: If she did some crazy whack pose, she would have r...
Toccara Jones4381 viewsPhoto: Steven Meisel
For: Vogue Italia, July 2008
21 comments06/06/10 at 19:12Backlad11: ^ How?!
Toccara Jones722 viewsFor: Evans6 comments06/06/10 at 19:03Backlad11: Wow- Evans is a UK store right?
Nicole Linkletter1907 viewsPhoto: Nathan Fushia16 comments06/06/10 at 18:57Backlad11: ^This to me is a good thing. Now she doesn't ...
McKey Sullivan1223 viewsPhoto: Laura Ferreira14 comments06/06/10 at 18:50Backlad11: breathtaking!
Brittany Markert865 viewsPhoto: Olga Laris
For: Eve Magazine
6 comments06/04/10 at 13:58Backlad11: the body pose is HORRIBLE, but neck up its GREAT.
Brittany Markert913 viewsPhoto: Tony Solis
For: Nylon Mexico Magazine
17 comments06/04/10 at 13:57Backlad11: While brit is booking some good magazines- almost ...
Alexandra Underwood6751 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams115 comments06/02/10 at 14:10Backlad11: @ David- I guess you are right. She meeting with W...
Alexandra Underwood1021 viewsPhoto: Mia Church6 comments05/30/10 at 20:05Backlad11: THIS one is gorgeous.
Shannon Stewart1056 viewsFor: Speedo Aquatic Fitness Zone4 comments05/28/10 at 23:33Backlad11: ^ She probably has, its just Cycle 1 work might be...
Katarzyna Dolinska1575 viewsFor: Women's Wear Daily6 comments05/28/10 at 17:22Backlad11: i don't usually like kat's print work, b...
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