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Aminat Ayinde1188 viewsPhoto: Vikrant Tunious
For: Valley Social Magazine
11 comments05/26/10 at 09:47LaLoLu: I like almost everything except her face.
Brooke Staricha944 viewsFor: HOJB7 comments05/26/10 at 09:46LaLoLu: This is probably the best shot she's taken so...
Brooke Staricha819 viewsFor: HOJB4 comments05/26/10 at 09:45LaLoLu: I don't know what to say, cause you can'...
Atalya Slater1105 views3 comments05/24/10 at 15:41LaLoLu: ^No way. I see 12/13 years old...
Camille McDonald740 views3 comments05/22/10 at 13:26LaLoLu: I have no idea why, but I do like it.
Teyona Anderson7309 views33 comments05/18/10 at 15:08LaLoLu: ^FTW = For The Win.
Laura Kirkpatrick738 viewsPhoto: Tyler Wilkinson11 comments05/18/10 at 14:59LaLoLu: She looks pretty, but that's about it.
Brittany Markert502 viewsPhoto: Brittany Markert5 comments05/18/10 at 14:58LaLoLu: Usually her shots are odd and different, but this ...
Aminat Ayinde902 viewsPhoto: Brandon Vick12 comments05/18/10 at 14:57LaLoLu: She looks like a monster bride.
Aminat Ayinde1161 viewsPhoto: JJ Miller15 comments05/18/10 at 14:57LaLoLu: The blank weird hair turtle shoulder thing doesn&#...
Yaya DaCosta Johnson931 viewsPhoto: Antoine Verglas
For: Essence Magazine, June 2010
7 comments05/18/10 at 14:56LaLoLu: Whatever Yaya had on the show, she lost it.
Yaya DaCosta Johnson673 viewsPhoto: Antoine Verglas
For: Essence Magazine, June 2010
10 comments05/18/10 at 14:55LaLoLu: Are they sure it's yaya, I can almost swear th...
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