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Saleisha Stowers9303 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal96 comments08/15/10 at 17:59LaLoLu: YAY! They didn't retouch her awful Tattoo her...
Nik Pace1856 viewsFor: Wedding Dresses7 comments08/14/10 at 23:17LaLoLu: ^She's not a lesbian. She has a kid.
Leslie Mancia469 viewsFor: YesStyle Magazine, March 20093 comments08/11/10 at 15:36LaLoLu: Oh no... YesStyle has a magazine? I thought they j...
Angelea Preston1200 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman5 comments08/11/10 at 15:34LaLoLu: This isn't what I imagined of Angelea in a sw...
Angelea Preston1743 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman11 comments08/11/10 at 15:33LaLoLu: This could've been interesting if she actuall...
Angelea Preston1697 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman28 comments08/11/10 at 15:32LaLoLu: This is the first time I see her looking somewhat ...
Mixed Cycle Group2479 viewsAngelea Preston, Anchal Joseph

Photo: Manny Roman
13 comments08/11/10 at 15:30LaLoLu: None of the three look good, but Anchal stands out...
Naduah Rugely1083 viewsPhoto: Gail Bowman
For: Fashion Chicago Magazine, August 2010
8 comments08/11/10 at 15:28LaLoLu: This kinda makes me wonder what her vampire shot w...
Sarah Rhoades879 views11 comments08/11/10 at 15:27LaLoLu: Nothing particularry good about the shot.
Lisa Jackson1052 viewsFor: Version Femina Magazine, November 201011 comments08/11/10 at 15:26LaLoLu: Err, Nice Nipples...?
Rachel Echelberger1278 viewsPhoto: Jo Lance
For: Seis Sentidos Magazine, June 2010
12 comments08/07/10 at 16:18LaLoLu: I could see this shot in disney magazine... Not a ...
Fatima Siad989 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman13 comments08/03/10 at 01:19LaLoLu: I don't like this at all.
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