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Samantha Potter16249 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker71 comments02/07/10 at 04:22ruak07: Considerig only the photos, this is my call-out or...
A.J. Stewart8190 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne35 comments02/05/10 at 22:50ruak07: i like the photo, but i hate that horrible make up...
Brittany Hatch8561 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf31 comments01/28/10 at 01:31ruak07: she looks like the "that 70's show" ...
Elyse Sewell848 views2 comments01/26/10 at 16:13ruak07: she looks like a 90's gothic girl. It's go...
Adrianne Curry17993 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks68 comments01/26/10 at 15:56ruak07: I love this photo, but i dont remember when was sh...
CariDee English3228 viewsPhoto: George Holz
For: Seventeen, February 2007
8 comments01/07/10 at 23:51ruak07: this pic is so classic of her
Chantal Jones12505 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker59 comments01/07/10 at 20:07ruak07: it's just a ok picture, no amazing
Joanie Dodds1980 viewsPhoto: Kenny Sweeney49 comments10/09/09 at 14:51ruak07: she is the best Laughing
April Wilkner17059 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker210 comments09/26/09 at 11:39ruak07: that is amaizing Smile
Robin Manning3171 viewsFor: Especially Yours29 comments09/12/09 at 11:21ruak07: what the hell is that??? she looks so old Confused
Robin Manning8828 viewsPhoto: Troy Ward94 comments09/12/09 at 11:20ruak07: It'a a good picture
Robin Manning7063 viewsPhoto: Daniel Garriga48 comments09/12/09 at 11:19ruak07: she should been eliminated that week. It's a b...
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