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Brittany Markert9814 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks158 comments04/11/12 at 21:25antmgenuine: meh, it's okay a little overrated....
Brittany Markert6989 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion116 comments04/11/12 at 21:25antmgenuine: underrated, I Looove her face! But I wish shew wou...
Brittany Markert9691 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi134 comments04/11/12 at 21:24antmgenuine: I like it!
Brittany Markert7597 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez117 comments04/11/12 at 21:24antmgenuine: EWWW!!! WORST OF THE WEEK!! OVERRATED BY THE FANS!...
Bianca Richardson5684 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi174 comments04/11/12 at 21:19antmgenuine: EWW!! 2nd worst of the week And one of the worst t...
Bianca Richardson5155 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez119 comments04/11/12 at 21:18antmgenuine: I don't like her, But I like the photo, I don...
Bianca Richardson4663 viewsPhoto: Jerry Mettellus93 comments04/11/12 at 21:17antmgenuine: EWWWW!!!!!!! WORST MAKEOVER SHOT EVER!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Howard5673 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks134 comments04/11/12 at 21:16antmgenuine: I don't like her face, It's sad, She had...
Ashley Howard5737 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez107 comments04/11/12 at 21:14antmgenuine: I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer An7135 viewsPhoto: Steve Shaw168 comments04/11/12 at 21:13antmgenuine: OMG! Her best!! Why was she eliminaited????
Jennifer An8281 viewsPhoto: Russell James153 comments04/11/12 at 21:13antmgenuine: A little overrated.
Jennifer An7816 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks159 comments04/11/12 at 21:13antmgenuine: i don't like her face, But, I loove the body ...
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