Photos of every ANTM contestant!
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Rachel Echelberger534 viewsPhoto: Elizabeth Russo6 comments11/18/09 at 19:32ChartreusePony: Get thee a good photographer, ASAP!
Lauren Brie Harding1664 viewsPhoto: BJ Pascual
For: Meg Magazine, November 2009
17 comments11/18/09 at 19:31ChartreusePony: Girllllll, look at those eyes! Lovely!
Jennifer An917 viewsPhoto: Marina Kloess4 comments11/18/09 at 19:10ChartreusePony: Yikes, her arm looks out of place.
Jennifer An1202 viewsPhoto: Mycol Chauncey15 comments11/18/09 at 19:08ChartreusePony: Stiff mouth.
Lauren Brie Harding2728 viewsPhoto: Justin Hyde
For: Zink Magazine, November 2009
24 comments11/18/09 at 19:07ChartreusePony: Legggggggs! Shocked
Lauren Brie Harding1857 viewsPhoto: Justin Hyde
For: Zink Magazine, November 2009
14 comments11/07/09 at 18:13ChartreusePony: <3 these sooo much.
Brittany Markert937 viewsPhoto: Andrew Kuykendall
For: C-Heads Magazine Issue 17
2 comments11/07/09 at 18:11ChartreusePony: I actually really like this cut on her. Though blo...
Brittany Markert896 viewsPhoto: Juan Zambrano13 comments11/07/09 at 18:10ChartreusePony: C'mon, guys, she just looks "racially amb...
Bianca Richardson2186 viewsFor: Betsey Johnson27 comments10/31/09 at 22:29ChartreusePony: I don't mean to be cynical but I doubt this is...
Fatima Siad1580 viewsFor: Tracy Reese, Fall 200913 comments10/15/09 at 19:07ChartreusePony: They airbrushed her face too much.
Bianca Golden736 viewsPhoto: Dante Marshall7 comments10/14/09 at 10:20ChartreusePony: I love the dress but I hate long hair on her. Tyra...
London Levi658 viewsPhoto: Warren Paul Harris4 comments10/11/09 at 00:13ChartreusePony: I'm an amateur photo with a decent camera and ...
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