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Dominique Reighard1423 viewsPhoto: Ameila Shaw
For: Fashion Q&A, January 2009
5 comments04/15/09 at 18:58ChartreusePony: Errr...Fashion Q&A, you spelled "Givenchy...
Bianca Golden1279 viewsPhoto: Tommy Chung
For: Amaya Swimwear
2 comments04/15/09 at 18:38ChartreusePony: She has a great body but I think she may have lost...
Natalie Pack2313 views2 comments04/15/09 at 18:33ChartreusePony: It's weird, Natalie clearly is not a big girl,...
Danielle Evans1602 viewsFor: Essence Magazine, February 200913 comments04/14/09 at 13:29ChartreusePony: ^ Sorry about that then. It's just everywhere ...
Danielle Evans1602 viewsFor: Essence Magazine, February 200913 comments04/13/09 at 12:03ChartreusePony: ^ Oh, well that's rather immature. Still bitte...
Danielle Evans1602 viewsFor: Essence Magazine, February 200913 comments04/13/09 at 05:44ChartreusePony: ^ Who is "Whitney Ham?"
Cycle Twelve Group6794 viewsNijah Harris, Tyra Banks, Isabella Falk, Jessica Santiago

Photo: Karl Giant
51 comments04/04/09 at 14:07ChartreusePony: Of course Tyra had to just sandwich herself in the...
Ann Markley2971 viewsFor: John Frieda Collection17 comments03/21/09 at 12:03ChartreusePony: ^ It is her. There's a post of it in the ANTM ...
Cycle Twelve Group9455 viewsAminat Ayinde, Fo Porter

Photo: Mike Rosenthal
93 comments03/20/09 at 14:30ChartreusePony: Flawless.
Monique Calhoun862 viewsPhoto: Allen Zaki7 comments03/20/09 at 14:22ChartreusePony: This whole "I'm so chic, watch me smoke a...
Monique Calhoun785 viewsPhoto: Mike Kortoci3 comments03/20/09 at 14:21ChartreusePony: Oh hai, Naomi. Wink
Danielle Evans913 viewsPhoto: Tony Lattari
For: Macy's
4 comments03/20/09 at 14:19ChartreusePony: Cute skirt.
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