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Angelea Preston8981 views194 comments02/10/10 at 16:41SCBB: she looks so hot in this pic, it seems like these ...
Alexandra Underwood7918 views147 comments02/10/10 at 16:40SCBB: she must be a full figured girl, but her face is s...
Alasia Ballard8126 views150 comments02/10/10 at 16:39SCBB: very island looking, i like her hair style but she...
Lulu Braithwaite674 views9 comments01/19/10 at 18:14SCBB: WHERE IS THE WEAVE??? THEY GAVE IT 2 YOU FOR A REA...
Nicole Fox1546 views10 comments01/19/10 at 18:04SCBB: I like it, its very editorial , Daisy Duke tho.......
Nicole Fox3677 viewsPhoto: Fernando Milani
For: Seventeen Magazine, February 2010
33 comments01/19/10 at 18:02SCBB: Too fancy for SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE!!! NEXT!!!
Sundai Love1992 views35 comments12/20/09 at 13:56SCBB: i dont wanna grow up, im a toys r us kid !!!!
Nicole Fox2171 viewsPhoto: Mark Sink28 comments12/09/09 at 20:11SCBB: she isnt showing us she was a worthy winner...wake...
Laura Kirkpatrick1835 viewsPhoto: Alicia Calton19 comments12/09/09 at 20:09SCBB: very Princess Bride meets The Wedding Singer. with...
Laura Kirkpatrick2872 viewsPhoto: Alicia Calton70 comments12/09/09 at 20:08SCBB: Stellar !!1
Natalie Pack1079 viewsPhoto: Chris Kern17 comments12/09/09 at 20:06SCBB: "Natalie...she's fine like she is1" ...
London Levi5770 viewsPhoto: Michael J. Laudini
For: Playboy, October 2009
236 comments12/09/09 at 20:03SCBB: aint so christian after all ? is u ? London? wooow...
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