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Ashley Howard7652 viewsPhoto: Jim DeYonker109 comments09/02/09 at 21:57SCBB: she seems okay , she looks kinda pretty
CariDee English17277 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker151 comments09/02/09 at 21:56SCBB: so dramatic in her face , i luv it , and nigel sho...
CariDee English9017 views39 comments09/02/09 at 21:53SCBB: on the show the weave reminded me of a goat and wh...
Brooke Miller5861 views37 comments09/02/09 at 21:52SCBB: on ANTM , when they dye a girls hair brown it alwa...
Melrose Bickerstaff7918 views56 comments09/02/09 at 21:51SCBB: makeover makes her look really old
A.J. Stewart6852 views42 comments09/02/09 at 21:49SCBB: i hated her attitude to the makeover , tyra should...
Eva Pigford8960 views53 comments09/02/09 at 21:21SCBB: Eva's mouth looks extremely tense , and tyraq ...
Brittany Markert1954 viewsPhoto: Juan Zambrano11 comments09/02/09 at 21:19SCBB: Brittany is trying to hard to sell herself before ...
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