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Keenyah Hill6547 viewsPhoto: Danielle Levitt45 comments09/03/09 at 21:21SCBB: Even with the bob cut , i see NAOMI !!!!
Keenyah Hill5073 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker31 comments09/03/09 at 21:19SCBB: Great skin !!!
Christina Murphy6002 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker36 comments09/03/09 at 21:16SCBB: She was really tan !! the face is exquisite , but ...
Brittany Brower12049 viewsPhoto: Gerda Genis53 comments09/03/09 at 21:16SCBB: She really does evoke a giraffe
Brittany Brower7364 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker35 comments09/03/09 at 21:14SCBB: SOOOOOOOO !!! JANICE !!!
Brandy Rusher5414 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker44 comments09/03/09 at 21:13SCBB: Attack of the ghetto alien!
Tiffany Richardson4364 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker36 comments09/03/09 at 21:12SCBB: Great Profile ,but the things written next to her ...
London Levi6739 views39 comments09/02/09 at 23:41SCBB: U still a street preacher or a street hooker with ...
Tahlia Brookins11158 viewsPhoto: Keith Major256 comments09/02/09 at 23:40SCBB: She is such a MODEL !!!! Shocked
Teyona Anderson5130 viewsPhoto: Don Flood
For: Seventeen, July 2009
63 comments09/02/09 at 23:38SCBB: she could actually pass fo 17 !!!
Sandra Nyanchoka4031 views37 comments09/02/09 at 23:36SCBB: Again , so damn ashy !!! It puts the LOTION on !!!...
Sandra Nyanchoka5482 views74 comments09/02/09 at 23:33SCBB: Girl where is ur damn lotion ? u look so ashy hone...
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