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Erin Wagner12358 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks247 comments10/01/09 at 19:14SCBB: very madonna and lady gaga
Brittany Markert9816 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks158 comments10/01/09 at 19:13SCBB: good, but over praised, she is so in the final 2
Bianca Richardson5101 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks100 comments10/01/09 at 19:12SCBB: not bad , but not the best in the bunch too
Ashley Howard5673 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks134 comments10/01/09 at 19:05SCBB: very etherial, but half assed
Sundai Love5151 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion119 comments09/25/09 at 15:06SCBB: this pic does not make her look tall at all, she h...
Rae Weisz6039 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion123 comments09/25/09 at 15:02SCBB: Yeah, the face is COVERGIRL...meets werewolf!, the...
Nicole Fox13869 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion203 comments09/25/09 at 14:59SCBB: This deserved 1st call out, she is so high fashion...
Lulu Braithwaite4461 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion110 comments09/25/09 at 14:53SCBB: oh please, just cause she acted like a bitch, does...
Laura Kirkpatrick7523 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion107 comments09/25/09 at 14:46SCBB: Laura=Master of the smize, but the mouth seems a b...
Kara Vincent6503 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion151 comments09/25/09 at 14:44SCBB: Perfection, love the muscle tension, the mouth, th...
Erin Wagner12105 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion183 comments09/25/09 at 14:40SCBB: so good, the pic does'nt even look like her, a...
Jennifer An7929 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion149 comments09/25/09 at 14:38SCBB: She doin okay, we want her to get farther than Apr...
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