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Sara Racey-Tabrizi6868 viewsPhoto: Andrew Eccles28 comments10/11/09 at 11:54SCBB: for a girl who's makeover was to be a long hai...
Sara Racey-Tabrizi6422 viewsPhoto: Bill Heuberger44 comments10/11/09 at 11:53SCBB: sara over camille, not evenb a question, send cami...
Brittany Markert1563 viewsPhoto: Alex Lim12 comments10/01/09 at 20:07SCBB: she will def be in the final 2, but i hope she won...
Brittany Markert1586 viewsPhoto: Jarod Lam13 comments10/01/09 at 20:04SCBB: i see scout taylor compton in this pic
Brittany Markert1882 viewsPhoto: Laura Tillinghast8 comments10/01/09 at 20:02SCBB: very Robyn Wright
Brittany Markert1644 viewsPhoto: Brett Ferguson11 comments10/01/09 at 20:00SCBB: oh no honey !?!?
Sundai Love5894 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks127 comments10/01/09 at 19:19SCBB: she is so racially ambiguous , she finally turned ...
Rae Weisz7951 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks141 comments10/01/09 at 19:18SCBB: very high fashion as well
Nicole Fox14862 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks167 comments10/01/09 at 19:17SCBB: this is an add or it can be a book cover , great .
Kara Vincent5982 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks108 comments10/01/09 at 19:16SCBB: not bad, but she is resting on pretty
Laura Kirkpatrick9474 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks120 comments10/01/09 at 19:16SCBB: a bit lack luster
Jennifer An9272 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks176 comments10/01/09 at 19:15SCBB: hope she wins, but this is very high fashion
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