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Tatianna Kern7005 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards121 comments03/19/10 at 14:26SCBB: I luv her vulnerability in this pic!
Tatianna Kern7355 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion88 comments03/19/10 at 14:26SCBB: LUV HER! HATE THAT FUCKIN SCARF THO!!
Simone Lewis4937 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards80 comments03/19/10 at 14:25SCBB: its ok buut she needs to step it up!
Simone Lewis5245 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion76 comments03/19/10 at 14:25SCBB: PRETTY n Elegangt, but with a GRACE JONES edginess...
Ren Vokes5682 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards102 comments03/19/10 at 14:24SCBB: HAHA U FUNNY Solitaire! n yea me too ihate her she...
Ren Vokes7594 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion108 comments03/19/10 at 14:23SCBB: GOOD BUT SHES OBVI NOT GONNA WIN!!!
Raina Hein15847 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards313 comments03/19/10 at 14:22SCBB: FINAL 3 Worthy!!! she may just make the final 2......
Raina Hein11816 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion109 comments03/19/10 at 14:21SCBB: FIERCE FANTASTICLES N U CAN TOTALLY SE THE PHOTOSH...
Naduah Rugely6452 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards120 comments03/19/10 at 14:20SCBB: ROBBED 100% TYRA I WILL NEVER FORGIVE U! BITCH! IF...
Naduah Rugely6290 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion85 comments03/19/10 at 14:19SCBB: its ok! nuthin special despite her look
Krista White 7931 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards121 comments03/19/10 at 14:18SCBB: VERY OVERATED n she looks more like GRACE JONES IN...
Krista White 7283 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion67 comments03/19/10 at 14:17SCBB: NOW IF KRISTA WAS ELEIMINATED FO THIS SHOT I WULDN...
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