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Sundai Love5887 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks127 comments10/01/09 at 23:05boonyakornohm: she looks good
Jennifer An9257 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks176 comments10/01/09 at 23:04boonyakornohm: Interresating face, love it. best of the week
Nicole Fox14844 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks167 comments10/01/09 at 23:03boonyakornohm: I see same face but this is supergorgeous
Laura Kirkpatrick9456 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks120 comments10/01/09 at 23:03boonyakornohm: like a painting...I love it
Erin Wagner12332 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks247 comments10/01/09 at 23:02boonyakornohm: medicore
Kara Vincent5976 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks108 comments10/01/09 at 23:02boonyakornohm: boring
Brittany Markert9795 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks158 comments10/01/09 at 23:01boonyakornohm: classical beauty
Joanie Dodds9037 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf43 comments10/01/09 at 01:51boonyakornohm: stiff, bland shot for me! she's there with a b...
Joanie Dodds9641 viewsPhoto: Pascal Demeester58 comments10/01/09 at 01:49boonyakornohm: it's ok for me because she has a beautiful fac...
Dominique Reighard2520 viewsPhoto: Derek Blanks12 comments09/29/09 at 08:38boonyakornohm: wowww
Ebony Morgan11301 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal120 comments09/28/09 at 11:41boonyakornohm: one of my favorite picture of ANTM history
Kyle Kavanagh581 views3 comments09/28/09 at 11:25boonyakornohm: 90s
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