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Rae Weisz11576 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez212 comments09/11/09 at 23:18boonyakornohm: ANGEL !
Rachel Echelberger5675 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez135 comments09/11/09 at 23:18boonyakornohm: I love her unique beauty, her pose reminds me of t...
Sundai Love5223 viewsPhoto: Baldomero Fernandez114 comments09/11/09 at 23:14boonyakornohm: she should gone !!! I hate the ugly pants
Sundai Love5245 viewsPhoto: Jerry Mettellus100 comments09/10/09 at 20:51boonyakornohm: good pic
Naima Mora2775 viewsPhoto: Roberto Ligresti
For: Modern Salons, July 2008
12 comments09/10/09 at 07:50boonyakornohm: fierce eyes ever
Jenascia Chakos1244 viewsPhoto: Greg Cunningham10 comments09/10/09 at 01:58boonyakornohm: gorgeous, she was robbed in the show!
McKey Sullivan2410 viewsPhoto: Victor Skrebneski
For: Today's Chicago Woman, September 2009
28 comments09/10/09 at 01:31boonyakornohm: agree with pollywolly
Fo Porter9593 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker79 comments09/08/09 at 09:16boonyakornohm: Good photo , 6th of the week for me
Cassandra Watson4663 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker26 comments09/08/09 at 02:23boonyakornohm: I love this picture Very Happy
Celia Ammerman1951 viewsFor: Seventeen Magazine, June 200921 comments09/08/09 at 01:46boonyakornohm: face is meh! ,she should be a great stylist not a ...
Aminat Ayinde1135 viewsFor: Seventeen Magazine, June 200919 comments09/08/09 at 01:45boonyakornohm: fresh&soft , I like it
Stacy Ann Fequiere5742 viewsPhoto: Russell James42 comments09/08/09 at 00:59boonyakornohm: difficult concept, I like this picture but I do ha...
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