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Erin Wagner1372 viewsPhoto: Bryan Whitely
For: Anastasia Chatzka, Spring/Summer 2011
5 comments05/18/11 at 19:05modelmeover: ^And besides all that she is still shorter than hi...
Allison Harvard22663 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker248 comments05/18/11 at 01:03modelmeover: I love this photo and she looks serene
Teyona Anderson8031 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker34 comments05/18/11 at 00:55modelmeover: Her agent needs to set her up with a hair loss cli...
Teyona Anderson9888 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker83 comments05/18/11 at 00:53modelmeover: This and her covergirl photo are her ONLY great ph...
Cycle Twelve Group8582 viewsLondon Levi, Allison Harvard

Photo: Mike Rosenthal
116 comments05/18/11 at 00:49modelmeover: I think they both look bitchy which was the idea. ...
Cycle Twelve Group7858 viewsNatalie Pack, Teyona Anderson, Tahlia Brookins

Photo: Mike Rosenthal
117 comments05/18/11 at 00:46modelmeover: How the HELL is Tahlia fierce in this shot? Her ar...
Cycle Twelve Group6747 viewsNijah Harris, Tyra Banks, Isabella Falk, Jessica Santiago

Photo: Karl Giant
51 comments05/18/11 at 00:45modelmeover: what the hell
Yaya DaCosta Johnson4106 views17 comments05/18/11 at 00:31modelmeover: stubby legs my ass SHE HAS THE BEST BODY IN ANTM H...
Brittany Hatch4123 viewsPhoto: Colin Douglas Gray
For: South, August 2007
15 comments05/13/11 at 21:57modelmeover: Lol @androidastig, deer in the headlights
Brittany Hatch3510 viewsPhoto: Colin Douglas Gray
For: South, August 2007
10 comments05/13/11 at 21:56modelmeover: Lol she looks like Mrs. Brady
Jaslene Gonzalez1008 viewsPhoto: Daniel Figueroa Guilliani
For: Caras Magazine
6 comments05/13/11 at 21:55modelmeover: Drag drag drag drag drag drag drag. Drag on dude.
Ann Markley448 viewsPhoto: Rick Bard
For: Manhattan Bride, Fall/Winter 2008
4 comments05/13/11 at 21:51modelmeover: She's still pretty, she just doesn't rea...
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