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Brittany Markert1414 views11 comments11/23/11 at 16:29modelmeover: This is like something you'd find on a spanki...
Brittany Markert1601 viewsPhoto: Jarod Lam13 comments11/23/11 at 16:27modelmeover: It doesn't look like Taylor Swift or a Greek ...
Brittany Markert1520 viewsPhoto: Haleh Bryan20 comments11/23/11 at 16:26modelmeover: Scary
Lisa D'Amato3482 views18 comments11/23/11 at 09:53modelmeover: Wow, she does NOT look that old. Shannon looks muc...
Lisa D'Amato4657 views31 comments11/23/11 at 09:51modelmeover: She is very athletic. I love how she always jumps ...
Lisa D'Amato4267 views32 comments11/23/11 at 09:47modelmeover: Even though you can see the food in her mouth, it&...
Lisa D'Amato4065 viewsPhoto: Anthony Zuiker21 comments11/23/11 at 09:46modelmeover: This is a great photo. She got bottom 2?
Lisa D'Amato4133 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker22 comments11/23/11 at 09:45modelmeover: I thought she wasn't going to jump. But it�...
Lisa D'Amato4380 viewsPhoto: Nikos Papadopoulos21 comments11/23/11 at 09:43modelmeover: @linkletter: If you were a rapper/singer like her,...
Naima Mora2533 viewsFor: KAS Collection/Saks Fifth Avenue6 comments11/23/11 at 09:39modelmeover: Actually the pose is pretty good for the garment s...
Naima Mora2154 viewsPhoto: Sarah McColgan
For: Inked Magazine, May 2008
2 comments11/23/11 at 09:38modelmeover: Great
Naima Mora2321 viewsPhoto: Roberto Ligresti
For: Modern Salons, July 2008
5 comments11/23/11 at 09:37modelmeover: ^I agree. It's just the styling that's g...
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