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Lauren Brie Harding33255 viewsPhoto: Michael Ruiz295 comments08/19/10 at 19:55modelmeover: its a nice shot but its completely overrated
Danielle Evans1187 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker
For: Cover, April 2007
4 comments08/19/10 at 10:29modelmeover: i dont get it why does every winner since naima do...
Danielle Evans358 viewsFor: Ashro, 20071 comments08/19/10 at 10:27modelmeover: wow im really sick of seeing her do catalogue!
Danielle Evans445 viewsFor: Ashro, 20071 comments08/19/10 at 10:26modelmeover: doesn't this girl do any high fashion?
Danielle Evans1802 viewsPhoto: Liz Sullivan
For: New York Post, February 2007
3 comments08/19/10 at 10:22modelmeover: ^after antm the industry made her lose weight
Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi1440 viewsPhoto: Dah Len
For: OUT, October 2006
4 comments08/19/10 at 10:16modelmeover: mollie at a gay bar?
Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi1688 viewsPhoto: Ken Pao
For: Florida International, October 2006
2 comments08/19/10 at 10:15modelmeover: no, she kind of looks like natasha
Joanie Dodds832 views5 comments08/19/10 at 10:12modelmeover: wtf heartbeat_rock, joanie does not look like a tr...
Naima Mora990 viewsPhoto: Zeo Productions1 comments08/19/10 at 01:29modelmeover: her right calf looks scary short
Jenah Doucette2104 viewsPhoto: Charles Quiles21 comments08/19/10 at 01:23modelmeover: i cannot believe EVERYONE hates this shot! She loo...
Jenah Doucette6864 views20 comments08/19/10 at 01:19modelmeover: this is stunning
Saleisha Stowers1062 viewsPhoto: Karla Ticas2 comments08/19/10 at 01:16modelmeover: she looks like shes gonna barf
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