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Robin Manning3177 viewsFor: Especially Yours29 comments09/08/10 at 00:09modelmeover: dontcha just love how she's showcasing the zi...
Robin Manning1833 viewsFor: Especially Yours27 comments09/08/10 at 00:07modelmeover: the way she is holding that purse is so fierce
Robin Manning2071 views43 comments09/08/10 at 00:01modelmeover: now this should go in her portfolio for her go see...
Whitney Thompson6819 views11 comments09/07/10 at 23:51modelmeover: ^Its not ugly enough to be Jayla!
Whitney Thompson17013 views76 comments09/07/10 at 23:44modelmeover: i like how in those 3 picks the neck gets smaller ...
Teyona Anderson4219 viewsFor: In Touch Magazine42 comments09/07/10 at 01:18modelmeover: LOL the first one is SO drag. The second and third...
Teyona Anderson5134 viewsPhoto: Don Flood
For: Seventeen, July 2009
63 comments09/07/10 at 01:17modelmeover: its not as bad as whitney's cover. ew that fa...
Saleisha Stowers8220 views70 comments09/07/10 at 01:06modelmeover: how can u honestly look at this photo and think it...
Saleisha Stowers11442 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker220 comments09/07/10 at 01:04modelmeover: help
Saleisha Stowers912 viewsPhoto: Neil Sharum17 comments09/07/10 at 00:58modelmeover: how is she working it in this photo? and whats so ...
Brittany Markert662 viewsPhoto: Pete Thompson16 comments09/07/10 at 00:47modelmeover: what in the hell could this possibly be an ad for?
Brittany Markert397 viewsPhoto: Pete Thompson4 comments09/07/10 at 00:45modelmeover: do those legs look long or what?
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