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Saleisha Stowers1388 viewsFor: Macy's15 comments09/10/10 at 01:13modelmeover: quick shove her face in one
Ambreal Williams6031 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy35 comments09/10/10 at 01:11modelmeover: dont like her pants? wtf does that have to do with...
Ambreal Williams5781 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith33 comments09/10/10 at 01:09modelmeover: this is very high fashion. and her legs look so lo...
Nicole Linkletter3082 viewsPhoto: Gilles Bensimon
For: Elle Girl, February 2006
7 comments09/10/10 at 01:04modelmeover: i wish my porcelin doll looked this gorgeous cuz s...
Nicole Linkletter2600 viewsPhoto: John Russo
For: Women's Health & Fitness, March 2006
5 comments09/10/10 at 01:02modelmeover: ^she doesn't need to tone up. YOU need to ton...
Nicole Linkletter1546 viewsFor: Cleo Magazine7 comments09/10/10 at 00:59modelmeover: love
Nicole Linkletter1866 views13 comments09/10/10 at 00:58modelmeover: gorgeous body
Jayla Rubinelli7570 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker99 comments09/10/10 at 00:56modelmeover: i love the blue lady and the orange lady, they are...
Jayla Rubinelli6230 views33 comments09/10/10 at 00:53modelmeover: ew she looks like an ugly little mouse. ugliest co...
Lisa D'Amato6964 viewsPhoto: Nadia Pandolfo33 comments09/10/10 at 00:52modelmeover: the guy on the right looks extremely constipated
Lisa D'Amato7130 views77 comments09/10/10 at 00:50modelmeover: why would they use a mean face in a fragrance ad? ...
Lisa D'Amato11665 viewsPhoto: Craig de Cristo70 comments09/10/10 at 00:48modelmeover: SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FINAL TWO ALONGSIDE NICOLE
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